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This is the age of the brain. Research is burgeoning as never before and what is being discovered is exciting. Pacific Healthcare Services Inc., a nonprofit corporation with headquarter in Bakersfield, California, is capitalizing on this information as it collaborates with centers of health and influence locally, nationally, and internationally to address the health needs of the community.

Its mission statement reads, in part: 

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One of those resources is The Mighty 8 program, an 8-part physiology series designed to help children learn eight key health strategies. When implemented on a regular basis, they positively impact the health of their body—so it can carry their brain around safely and efficiently—and the health of the brain so it is worthwhile for the body to transport it from place to place. Fortunately, strategies that are good for the body are also good for the brain.

Arlene R. Taylor, MS, PhD
Brain Function Consultant

Estimates are that this current generation may be the first to live shorter lives than their parents. Why? Largely due to lifestyle choices.

Some people know about the eight basic health principles, so called. Many do not. Especially children and young people. Eight aspects of health are addressed:

Since you only know what you know, The Mighty 8 is designed to present information about these eight health principles in ways easily understood by children and young people. Hopefully, the information will help them better understand how to care for themselves during their entire lifespan so they can stay healthier and younger for longer.

Thomas Edison was a big fan of the human brain. He even remarked that the body’s primary job is just to transport the brain from place to place! Most people would likely agree that cars and trucks and buses and trains and planes must first work well to carry people around safely and efficiently. Even more, the human body needs to function well as it carries around the brain.  

Each video addresses one of the health principles. The information is shared by ordinary kids—not by professionally paid child actors—and illustrated with pictures and whiteboard drawings.

The Teacher’s Guide is designed to help the adult reinforce the content of the videos. Additional information and suggestions are included, along with talking points, discussion questions, additional suggestions, and answers to riddles and puzzles that are in The Mighty 8 Learning Activities booklet, which also contains dot-to-dot puzzles, coloring pages, and more. (Solutions for mazes are not included.) A Secular version and a Scripture version are available. The Scripture version includes suggested Scripture links.

The goal of Pacific Health Education Center, Inc, or PHEC for short, is to promote brain-health information around the world in an easy-to-understand format. PHEC is pleased to share with you The Mighty 8. The goal is to provide a learning tool that challenges children to safely and efficiently care for their bodies⎯and their brains. Here’s to a long, happy, and healthy life for this generation and the next!

Steve Horton, MDiv, MPH
CEO for Pacific Health Education Center, Inc



a group of super special kids who make health fun! Through music, animatics, and various fun and educational activities, The Mighty 8 will lead your children, your grandchildren and all children on exciting educational adventures.  On these adventures they will experience eight natural health principles of nutrition, water, exercise, rest, sunshine, air, balance, and a positive character.



The Mighty 8 are back with more fun and catchy songs to keep your kids singing and learning about the benefits of health and a good character. Download it now!